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What is CompanyControls?

CompanyControls is an easy-to-use, web-based, Business Management system for you and your employees, to streamline HR, Admin, Health and Safety, Accounts and Operational processes for your busy business.


"It has saved hours and hours of administrators time"

CompanyControls is a selection of multi user business solutions.  Each one is designed to be uniquely powerful and adapt precisely to fit your business.  They all use a central core of information about your business such as your employees and departments, to help streamline communications, improve record keeping and reduce errors while saving everyone valuable time.

CompanyControls can be used by one key individual OR as a powerful self service system used by everyone.

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Solutions in CompanyControls

CompanyControls comprises a number of smart and versatile systems.  All areas of CompanyControls are available to our clients to enable, setup and benefit from.  Likewise, areas that are not immediately useful can be disabled and hidden from view.

Our focus at CompanyControls is to provide you with flexible software that can meet your business needs now and adapt and expand to meet your needs in the future.  We provide powerful HR and business management software that will fit neatly and work hard in your company - giving you a level of control and access to information that paper forms, spreadsheets and wall calendars can not provide.


As a company we have benefited greatly using CompanyControls...


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