• Quick capture any accident

  • Complete record based on severity of incident to include:

    • Reportee

    • Time and location

    • Type of accident

    • Description of accident

    • Injured persons (e.g. staff, contractor or public)

    • Involved persons (e.g. Witness, first aider, medical)

    • Reporting obligations (if severe)

    • Controls/risks assessment

    • Tasks to help reduce likelihood of even occuring in the future issued to staff

    • Costs

    • Documents

    • Lessons Learnt

  • Dangerous occurrence or near miss can be recorded with no person injured​

  • List of accidents ​occured in the past 12 months

  • Searchable list of all accidents

  • Searchable list of all associated tasks and their status

  • Searchable list of all associated lessons learnt

  • Satisfy RIDDOR duties and responsibilities

Accident and Injury


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