• Searchable list of staff with contact details

  • Company Locations and addresses

  • Organisation Chart or Organogram

  • Find Employees by Role:

    • Site Role - Broad level of access to CompanyControls ​

    • Functionality Role - Specific elevated access to an area of CompanyControls e.g. Injury Admin

    • Company Role - Custom Roles issued to employees e.g. Fire warden, Employee spokesperson, Lottery Manager


  • Pre book visitor or record at the time

  • Include:

    • Location​

    • Date/time and Expected duration

    • Internal/External visitor information (from other locations, company address book or new contact)

    • Vehicle/parking

    • Visiting staff name

  • Quick visitor leaving

  • Visitor included on Location report (fire report)​

  • Staff can search historic records to find contact


  • Searchable company contact address book

  • Internal Contact (relationship holders)

  • External Contact and job roles

  • Additional contact location

  • Custom contact fields e.g. credit limit, seasonal card list, sales pipeline

  • Managed by Admin

Directory, Visitors & Address Book


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