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  • 5 users included
  • 500 MB of storage
  • Email support
  • Help centre access


£2.50 / 3.00 € / $3.50

  • up to 500 employees
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Priority email and telephone support
  • Help centre access
  • 30 day cancellation notice
  • Site Setup

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Free Paid
No of Employees 1 - 5 6 - 500
Document Storage 500 MB 10 GB
Max Document Size 2 MB 20 MB
Employee Profile
Company, Departments, Groups & Lists
Document Management
Leave Management
Sickness Management
Injury/Accident Recording
Performance Appraisals
Training Management
Expense Management
Time & Attendance
Task Management
Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
Visitor Log
Internal Directory
Company Address Book
Custom Fields
GDPR Management
Fire Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a minimum number of ONE user required to setup your CompanyControls site. This is the person who registers when setting up the site for the first time. Additional people can be added once the site is setup.

CompanyControls is built to provide a powerful, versatile and well supported system that is cost effective even if only one or two of our business solutions are being used. Further cost benefits are found when additional modules are implemented.

The core elements of the system, such as employees, the access security and the available menus, page elements and relationships between employees are already in place. This means that other business solutions can utilise these features to make them quicker to develop and simpler to support and learn.

Significant effort is put to system functionality, security and future solutions. Every company is a complicated mix of HR and operational elements and we wanted to make sure, above all else that CompanyControls fits your business perfectly and also meets your future needs as you grow.

HR and other business platforms that are offered free of charge or within a wider commercial agreement are designed to make it harder for you to remove yourself from that agreement - making their service more sticky. This is usually bound with in a much more expensive service offering. By appointing your own HR platform provider you are in control now and in the future.

Setting up CompanyControls can be a daunting prospect but it can be completed by you. If you require help setting up CompanyControls, we have setup specialists who are skilled in collecting key data from your company to ensure a successful start to using CompanyControls. A one-off setup fee of £250 is charged to ensure a successful outcome for your CompanyControls life.

Our specialists also provides online systems training for your internal administration team so they can accurately manage CompanyControls in to the future and provide low level support to other employees.

A carefully considered start to using CompanyControls will mean less issues in the future but we are always on hand to tweak the configuration to fit your business better.

Every new CompanyControls customer has access to a CompanyControls specialist for setup, ongoing guidance and 1-2-1 demonstrations.

Each setup involves a requirements gathering exercise where we ask you about your staff, organisational hierarchies and key business areas e.g. leave, training, appraisals etc that you want CompanyControls to help you manage.

Each setup also involves a secure, GDPR compliant data collection process where our team will ask you to populate our Excel templates for an initial data load of your employees’ data.

Once your CompanyControls site is setup, we will arrange a system walk-through with your key staff. Online training is provided via videoconferencing platforms.

Your implementation team will have a chance to run its own internal checks before going live to your wider team(s).

Companies can expect to go live with CompanyControls within 7 to 14 days of supplying all the required employee/business data.

When you initially sign up for a CompanyControls site it will include the person who registered for the site added to the People list. Another four individuals can be added to the People list without incurring a charge. Once the 6th person is added to the People list the site will be invoiced for on the 1st of the following month for the total number of people added to the People list e.g. 6 x £1.50 or £9 plus VAT at 20%. Leavers are not included when counting the total individuals on the People List - only current staff.

We invoice monthly on the 1st of each month on 30 day payment terms.

The service can be cancelled with 30 days notice. Any invoice dates that fall with in the 30 days will be raised and remain due. After the completion of the 30 days, the site will be locked and access to your site will be restricted. Your site database and any uploaded documents will be deleted six Months after the site has been locked and the database backups will expire 28 days after the database has been deleted. Early deletion of your locked database can be carried out by clear and authorised instruction.

CompanyControls provides exceptional support to the CompanyControls Administrators. Our support team is focused on customer satisfaction at all times.

The team is available via email, phone, and via the CompanyControls support/ticketing system.

Customers also have benefit from an online help portal.

CompanyControls is GDPR compliant. The system is designed to ensure data subject requests are easily handled.

To find out more about CompanyControls and GDPR compliance, please contact our team.

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