Injury Register

Record and analyse all Accident, Near misses and Injuries in your workplaces

Record all accidents and near misses in your places of work for all people (employee, self-employed person or member of the public) who frequent them

Quickly Capture any Accident

Simple one page form to capture the accident as it happens. Health and Safety Officer is notified depending on the severity of the accident and the types of injuries, if any, that occurred. Subsequently, completion of more detailed information about the accident should be carried out by the appropriate person to satisfy RIDDOR duties and responsibilities.

The accident record should be completed based on the severity of the injuries or the potential danger of a similar incident causing significant injury in the future. The following areas are available to complete:

  • Person Reporting the injury
  • Time and location of accident
  • Type of accident
  • Description of accident
  • Injured Persons
  • Involved Persons
Accident Analysis

CompanyControls can help to walk through the reasons why the accident happened and look at the impact on the business and how to reduce the risk of it occurring in the future.

  • Factors that led to the accident
  • Tasks to mitigate it happening in the future
  • Costs Analysis
  • Supporting Documents
  • Lessons learnt

Keep thorough records of company related accidents with CompanyControls.