Training Management

Keep track you your employees training history and current training focus

Most company training records are confused and quickly out of date. With CompanyControls you can keep abreast of all training both past and present. Smart facilities helps you analyse training gaps in your company.

Historical Training

All types of training can be stored in CompanyControls from outsourced accreditation, internal training, knowledgeable and skillful individuals to permits and Continuing professional Development (hours). All available training courses are listed to ensure only one record per training course exists. Other information such as the awarding body, period of validation, follow on course, sub-modules, location and documents (maps, syllabus, provider) are stored against each course.

Training Requests

All training can be requested by the employee or training Admin and stepped through to completion. Even knowledgeable or skilled employees can have their boast affirmed by a senior employee, to add weight to their valuation. knowledgeable or skilled employees can be search for by other staff and might include Office 365 skills, geographical knowledge or a particular customer. All training is listed on the employees profile.

Smart training

CompanyControls allows you to set requirements for any training. For instance Induction training would be required by all staff or you need at least 5 first aid trained staff. Training can also be required based on Job title or Company Role. As staff move through the business their training portfolio will automatically adapt to meet their current position.

Client Training

If you offer your own training to your clients you can also record this training in CompanyControls. It helps you keep proper records of the completed training and to be notified of the up coming refresher date.


Maintain up to date Training records in CompanyControls.